The 3 Best SWNGMAGIC Golf Swing Tips Ever….

Golf is hard.  You have the physical components balance, strength, flexibility and stamina.  Then there is the mental part of the game focus, decision making, and creativity.  To be good at golf it will take lessons, lots of practice, patience, and persistence.  Being a great or even an “ok” golfer demands that a golfer be a lifetime learner.  Golfers at all levels are always looking to improve their golf swing. Searching for some “SWNGMAGIC”.   What is SWNGMAGIC? SWNGMAGIC is that golf swing tip, golf swing system, or piece of golf equipment that will help a golfer hit 300yd drives, stiff a 5-iron 200yds,  get out the sand in 1, or drop 15 foot putts effortlessly.    In my 20+ year golf lifetime I’ve heard some great golf tips.

Here are my top 3 best golf tips:

SWNGMAGIC Golf Tip #1: Think effortless power not a powerful effort (Fix your tempo)

I had been playing bad golf for about 15yrs when I finally decided to take some real golf lessons. I had just joined a country club and went to see the golf instructor.    We met on the driving range for the first lesson. He dumps out a bucket of balls and says bombs away.  After 15min of beating golf balls  the instructor stops me.  I’m dripping in sweat with a sore wrist and a sore elbow.  The instructor looks directly in my eyes and says “think effortless power not a powerful effort”.   He then proceeded to tell me that I was swinging so hard that it was amazing I could make contact with the ball and when I did make contact there was no way me or the club would be in the proper position to get optimum power and accuracy.   I said “how do I stop swinging hard” He said “Let’s fix your TEMPO”  

Golf swing tempo affects sequencing, ball contact, feel, and club position.  The rhythm of each golf swing is different and consists of its own timing and speed.

SWNGMAGIC Golf Tip #2: Putt with your ears (Listen for the ball to drop)

The year is 2003.  I’m at the historic Avon Fields golf course in Cincinnati, OH.  I’d only been playing golf for three years.  I could hit the ball off the tee. I would eventually get it to the green Then I would just roll the ball back and forth past the hole getting closer on it every pass.  On this day I decided I’m going to warm up on the practice green instead of beating balls at the driving range. As always at Avon Fields there are group of elderly or should I say experienced golfers around the practice green playing putting games.  After 10 minutes of me practicing putting one of them comes over and says.  “Look here youngster you’re all over the place. You have to putt with your ears.”

  1. Pick a line.
  2. Address the ball
  3. Roll the ball toward the hole
  4. Listen for the ball to drop

I once won a $600 bet by draining a 15ft putt with my eyes closed. Can you say SWNGMAGIC!

This technique helps with stability and balance during your putting stroke.  Try it and you will be amazed at the improvements in your alignment and speed.  Best of all you will make more putts.

Butch Harmon agrees with this technique:

SWNGMAGIC Golf Tip. #3: Golf is a game of opposites 

I stopped in a golf store one time to see if had some deals on golf clothes, golf shoes, golf balls, or golf clubs.   The sales guy catches me admiring the latest Callaway or TaylorMade irons.   We got into a discussion about the mechanics of a golf swing and how to work the ball with golf irons.  I mention how I can barely get the golf ball in the air and he says “Golf is a game of opposites”

 What’s your SWNGMAGIC?

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